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Asia Pacific region teams may participate in the Global competition either:
i. directly (limited to first 4 teams to complete registration)* or
ii. via the Seoul Regional, with the top Regional teams advancing to the Globals, and the top 2 teams receiving cash prizes to support this.
Ad i) - Teams participating directly in the Globals will not be eligible for support from the Thomas Wälde Fund (TWF). Ad ii) - The top teams advancing from the Regional will be eligible for support from the TWF.

Africa region teams and South Asia region teams must participate via the respective Nairobi or New Delhi Regional, with the top Regional teams from each advancing to the Globals and eligible for support from the Thomas Wälde Fund (TWF). The African Regional host has arranged for subsidised Registration Fees for teams from Africa (€100 or US $110). The South Asia Regional host has arranged for subsidised Registration Fees for teams from India, Sri Lanka and Bhutan (€150) and for teams from Bangladesh, Nepal and Pakistan (€100).

Teams not among the top performers in Nairobi or New Delhi may still top up their registration fees to take part in the Globals** (no access to TWF support).

Indication of the wish to top up and participate in the Globals has to be sent to the FDI Administration within 10 days following the completion of the Regional Orals and may be subject to overall capacity restrictions at the Globals, in which case such teams will be accepted to the Globals according to the Regional ranking and first-come, first serve.

Teams from outside these regions continue to participate directly in the Globals and remain eligible for financial support subject to the usual criteria (availability of funds, HDI index, travel costs).

All registered teams (regardless of participating or advancing through a Regional) may submit full memorials to compete in the written awards. Teams advancing from the Regionals to the Global must submit full memorials.

All teams eligible to support from the TWF must complete and return the application for monetary assistance form before the (Claimant) Memorial deadline. Teams eligible for assistance who have not completed and return such application will not be considered.


Asia Pacific (P)

Africa (A)

South Asia (S)


Seoul, Seoul National University

Nairobi, African Nazarene University

New Delhi, Indian Society of International Law, and India International Centre



African Nazarene University

Kachwaha & Partners


9-12 August 2017

1-2 September 2017

25-27 August 2017


AP Facebook


SA Facebook


Asia Pacific Regional Results

Africa Regional Results

South Asia Results

Regionals: Memorials/Skeleton Briefs

A team taking part in a Regional must submit a "Skeleton Brief" before the Regional hearings (and not full memorials). The below adaptation of FDI Moot Rules, Article 6 applies to Skeleton Briefs:
6.2.1. - Skeleton Briefs shall only include items a. and e.
6.2.2. - Skeleton Briefs may NOT contain additional parts or exhibits.
6.3. - Each Skeleton Brief, including any footnotes, shall be 1500 words or less.
6.4. - Skeleton Briefs may be drafted in topic outline style.
6.5. - Not applicable (see 6.2.1. above).
6.7. - The review criteria shall be adjusted according the nature of Skeleton Briefs.
6.9. - One day before the Regional Hearings, each Team shall receive access to the Skeleton Briefs drafted by other Teams.

Teams advancing from the Regionals to the Global must then submit full memorials; teams not advancing from the Regional may then submit full memorials.

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