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Registration involves three (3) steps:

Start Registration

Activate (check your email), Login and Confirm Registration

Pay the Registration Fee

After completing the registration (all 3 steps), you will be able to manage your team on the website (update team data, add team members, submit clarification requests, upload memorials...).


The Registration Fee is EUR600 for teams from High and Very High HDI Countries, EUR400 for those from Medium HDI Countries and EUR200 for those from Low HDI Countries, based on the UNDP Human Development Index. The Registration Deadline is 31 May.

If you have questions, e.g. about team composition and eligibility, please see the Rules.


The FDI Moot administers three Regionals: Asia Pacific in Seoul, South Asia in New Delhi, and Africa in Nairobi. Teams from relevant countries will receive appropriate prompts when registering.

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