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Teams registered for this year's FDI Moot may take part in several pre-moots. Please note that until all this year's pre-moots are set, we will retain information about the previous year's pre-moots* as an indication of likely venues (and dates).


5th Annual Budapest Pre Moot

11-12 October 2019

Hosted at and organised by Eötvös Loránd University, Faculty of Law (email:

A conference before the pre moot is scheduled for 10 October 2019. You may also visit Budapest FDI Moot Facebook Page.


1st Paris Pre Moot

19 October 2018


3rd Annual Sao Paulo Pre Moot

20-21 October 2018

Hosted at Tozzine Freire Advogados, sponsored by IBRACHINA.

IBRACHINA is a cultural institute recently founded to promote relations between Brazil and China, including assisting students engaged in international activities. IBRACHINA are supporting the Sao Paulo pre-moot and hosting the opening event at their headquarters, which is located at Paulista Avenue - one of Sao Paulo's tourist attractions. IBRACHINA is also sponsoring a cash prize for the winning team in the amount of US$ 5k (payable by cheque in BRL according to the exchange rate applicable on 21 October 2018).

The Sao Paulo pre-moot organisers are Luísa Quintão and Lucas Diniz (email:


8th Annual Warsaw Pre Moot

26-27 October 2018

Hosted at and organised by University of Warsaw (email:


1st Annual Dublin FDI Pre-Moot

1 November 2019

Organsied by Arbitration Ireland at the Dublin Dispute Resolution Centre, the pre-moot is expected to feature, inter alia, the following arbitrators: Pierre-Yves Tschanz, David Herlihy, Tim Foden, Audley Sheppard, Michael Collins, Gavin Woods, Colm O'hOisin, Klaus Reichert, and Rose Fisher.

Additional details will follow in due course. After 1 June, enquiries about the Dublin FDI Pre-Moot may be sent via


3rd Annual Saint Petersburg Pre Moot

4-5 October 2019

Co-organised by The Arbitration Center at the Institute of Modern Arbitration and Saint Petersburg State University, hosted at Saint Petersburg State University (email:

Further information can be found at the St Petersburg FDI Pre Moot Organizing Committee Invitation.

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